…25 years

Princeton Packet

December 10, 1969

…25 years

Rights Panel Scans All-White Fire Co.’s

The membership policies of Princeton’s three volunteer fire companies came under review by the Joint Civil Rights Commission late last month and are due back Thursday for some discussion.

Commission Chairman Gordon Mack noted that there were no black firemen among the approximately 150 members of the three companies. “which raised the feeling in the Princeton community that discrimination existed.”

Robert Mooney, president of Mercer Engine Co. No. 3, told the commission that there was no discrimination in the membership of the various fire companies and added that “all minority groups were welcome to join if they met the physical and mental requirements.” the statement said.

He said “the companies did no active recruiting, in fact had never done so. but relied on an applicant’s being sponsored by a member of the company.

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