Purchasing Engine 621, 1955 Seagraves

March 10, 1989
Mr. Mark Borden Princeton Borough Hall Monument Drive
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Dear Mr. Gordon:

It is the desire of the membership of Princeton Hook and Ladder Company to obtain ownership 0, Engine 621, the Seagraves. Aware df the fart that all property of Princeton Borough valued at $2,500.00 and above must be placed out to bid, a committee from Princeton Hook and Ladder Company contacted representative from Seagraves and aseed for a verbal appraisal of Engine 621. Using past maintenance records it was determined that as a firefighting piece of apparatus, Engine 621 is worth $0.00. As a piece of parade equipement or collector’s item it could possibly be worth between $1,000.00 and 111,500.00. However, due to the current condition of the motor Its dollar YAWe would be considerably less depending on the extent of repairs needed, which cannot be determined without dismantling the motor.

In light of this information, the Princeton Hook and Ladder Company wishes to obtain ownership of the 1955 Seagraves subject to approval of Princeton Borough Council and the Board of Engineers.


Rizer Glas,

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