…75 years

August 13, 1993 (~estimated)

…75 years

University Press Barn Destroyed by Fire

Fire of an unknown origin early this morning destroyed the large barn in the rear of the University Press building with an estimated loss of about $800.

The blaze started on the outside of the building, and, owing to its inflammatory contents, was beyond saving by the time of the arrival of the fire department. The fire was the work of an incendiary, there seems no doubt whatever, and it is thought by many that the same old “fire bug” who terrorized Princeton upon previous occasions has again come forth to “raise blazes.” It will be remembered that at that time the fires occurred at a certain hour upon succeeding Saturday evenings, and in every case it was a barn in some section of the town that was burned.

It has been learned that previous to the fire, a gang of young rowdies were seen in that vicinity destroying the school war gardens; and it is thought that there may be some connection with their appearance here and the subsequent fire. As a consequence, they are now being watched.

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