Alarm Sounded

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27 October 1982

Alarm Sounded

For Princeton High Fire. A general alarm was sounded at 1:57 Monday afternoon for a fire in the auditorium at Princeton High School. The school was evacuated and the students sent home.

The alarm was sounded after Sgt. Peter Hanley and Ptl. Bernard Lenhardt investigated a report of smoke in the auditorium. Fire and smoke were confined to a service tunnel which runs under the length of the auditorium and offers access to plumbing and heating lines.

The fire was extinguished quickly, according to Police Capt. John J. Bellow, and firemen used fans to eject the smoke.

“We found some paper smoldering in a sump in the tunnel, but there was no structural damage, no smoke damage,” Capt. Bellow said, “We have no idea what started it.”

Police are continuing to check to try to make a determination as to the cause: “We haven’t found anything yet.’’ Capt. Bellow concluded.

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Police and firemen were in action the following day, too. responding to a minor fire in a second-floor bedroom wastebasket at 45 Cleveland Lane.

The alarm was sounded at 11:13 a.m. Damage was minimal.

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CHERRY PICKER BUT NO PICKIN’S: A Princeton Fire company “cherry picker” has little to do for a fire Monday in the Princeton High School auditorium. Story on page 5.

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