Bathroom Is Damaged In Fire on Hun Road

26 November, 1991 (~estimated)

Bathroom Is Damaged In Fire on Hun Road

A fire in a second-floor bath-room early Saturday afternoon in a Hun Road home resulted in extensive damage to the bath-room, fire damage to the door, ceiling and walls near the bath-room door and smoke damage to the rust and second floors.

Occupants were inside the home when a fire alarm went off, Lt. Anthony Gaylord reported, but because they had experienced some problems with the alarm previously, they thought it was a malfunction and reset it. It went off again.

This time, one of the house members saw smoke and flames coming out of the bathroom area and tried to extinguish it but was forced to re-treat by the heavy smoke. Police were called at 12:22 and a general alarm was sounded.

Four fire trucks and 23 firemen responded and put out the blaze. A First Aid and Rescue truck also went to the scene but there were no injuries, Lt. Gaylord said.

According to Lt. Gaylord, one of the members in the house earlier had struck a match in the bathroom. A spark from that match is believed to have landed on a towel causing it to smolder for a while before igniting. The Fire Marshall, he said has ruled the cause of the fire accidental.

Roof Fire

Early Saturday morning, a small fire ignited a portion of the roof of the Material Sciences building under construction near the Engineering Quadrangle building on the Princeton University campus. No one was injured and damage was slight.

A University senior called proctors at 5:20. Proctors called the Princeton Fire Department and members from the town’s three companies brought the fire under control in less than 20 minutes. According to Fire Chief Ray Bianco, there was some roof damage but nothing serious. The cause, he said, is still under investigation but he added that its origin in not suspicious.

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