Bill for squad loans released

8 May, 1986 (~estimated)

Bill for squad loans released 

TRENTON — Low-interest loans for fire and rescue squads would become available under a bill released from the Assembly Appropriations Committee Monday.

Sponsored by Assemblyman Richard Zimmer (R-Mercer), the bill would help such organizations replace unsafe emergency equipment and purchase new safety items. 

Originally the bill appropriated $10 million but was reduced to $2 million by the committee. 

“At present government assistance is limited and fund-raising events are not always bringing in enough money to pay for necessary equipment and facilities,” Assemblyman Zimmer said. “Volunteers should not have the responsibility of raising these funds when they are already devoting their time and effort to protecting the lives and property of others.” 

Related bills released from the committee Monday include a $50,000 benefit for spouses of emergency workers killed in the line of duty, a measure allowing workers compensation to cover ambulance drivers and other volunteers when making emergency trips, and a bill granting volunteer firemen, first aid, and rescue squad members $1,000 state income tax exemption. 

A bill to protect first aid squads from frivolous lawsuits resulting from the emergency treatment or transportation of accident victims was also introduced Monday.

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