Car is Struck

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1 August, 1984

Car is Struck

By Runaway Cyclist. A 13- year-old Trenton youth was injured last week when the brakes of his bicycle broke and he ran into the side of a car at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Linden Lane.

The victim, Clevester Blackstone told Ptl. William Fitch that he was coming down a hill on Linden when his brakes snapped and fell apart. “I tried to jump off the bike but couldn’t,” he said. His bike continued into the intersection and struck the side of a car operated by Christopher Bridgeforth of Philadelphia.

Young Blackstone was transported by ambulance to Princeton Medical Center where he was treated for bruises and abrasions of the right hip and shoulder and released. There Were no charges by Ptl. Fitch following the mishap which took place last Wednesday morning, … [remainder of article not in archive]

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