Contribution confusion means loss to Princeton aid squad

1 September 1980
(date estimated)

Contribution confusion means loss to Princeton aid squad

“What’s In a name?” asked Shakespeare.

A lot — especially when it comes to making monetary contributions.

Each spring, several Princeton Borough and Township residents confuse solicitations from the American Rescue Workers, an emergency service group based in Trenton, with contribution requests from the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad.

According to Princeton Squad Captain Edwin Obert, “every year at this time the squad gets dozens of phone calls from residents saying they gave to an organization called the American Rescue Workers and wanting to know if the money goes to the Princeton Rescue Squad.” Township and borough police also get inquiries concerning the relationship between the American Rescue Workers and the local first aid squad.

Mr. Obert said he “can’t emphasize enough that the two groups are absolutely unconnected. We see no money given to the American Rescue Workers. I wonder how much money we have lost because of the confusion.”

The first aid squad solicits contributions through the mail, unlike the American Rescue Workers who go door to door. Princeton squad mailers go out in September and December.

“I beg the residents of the two municipalities to send us their contributions — don’t give the money to another organization with the intention that the money will get to the squad,” said Mr. Obert.

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