Contributors made rescue truck a reality

21 February, 1992 (~estimated)

Contributors made rescue truck a reality

To the editor:

The Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad would like to publicly thank the many contributors to our annual fund drive and, this year, to a special capital fund drive which has made our new rescue truck a reality. This vehicle replaces the rescue track which was purchased in 1968, and which is now technically obsolete and mechanically undependable. The bill for the new rescue truck and its high-tech equipment came to more than $325,000.

In addition to the several Princeton residents who contributed generously to our capital fund drive, we would like to acknowledge two major contributions which we especially appreciate: one from the Willard T. C. Johnson Foundation and the other from Princeton University.

The First Aid Squad and the university have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship. In the course of a year, the squad responds to many calls from the campus and also provides stand-by service for events such as football games, alumni weekend and commencement. Squad members include 10 to 15 undergraduates — nearly one-third of our membership — who are certified emergency medical technicians and who contribute significantly to the effectiveness of our operations.

The Willard T. C. Johnson Foundation also responded to our need in a major way, re-cognized the benefits to the Princeton community of the new rescue truck, and is sensitive to the implications of soliciting large contributions in a recession year. We am grateful to the foundation for coming through for us.

The new rescue truck is intended for respond-ing to motor vehicle accidents and natural and man-made disasters, and to support fire company operations. The squad is planning an occasion to show off its capabilities to the community and to all those who contributed to its purchase.

Herbert Abelson
Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad

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