Debate on New Fire Truck

August 14, 1994 (~estimated)

Debate on New Fire Truck

In other business, Council members debated the question of how the two Princetons will divide the cost of the new fire truck they recently agreed to purchase.

Mr. Freda said he remembered that Township Committee had agreed that the new fire truck would be funded through the old cost-sharing formula. Under this, the Township paid 66 percent of the cost, and the Borough 34 percent.

In the new Fire Department cost-sharing formula, the Borough’s share rises to 45 percent and the Township’s drops to 55 percent.

Councilman David Goldfarb remembered a different scenario. He said he recalled that there was at least ambiguity on the Township’s part over which formula would be used. “I don’t think that particular issue is t worth fighting over,” he said.

Use of the new funding formula would cost the Borough an additional $25,000 to $30.000 toward the purchase of the new fire engine.

In a memo to Mayor and Council, Mr. Shannon said that the question was not clearly answered in the Fire Department Interlocal Service Agreement, which contains the revised cost-sharing agreement.

He wrote that the Township clearly feels that the new cost-sharing formula should be applied to the truck purchase.

“Seeking to apply the old cost sharing formula now would be met with adamant Township resistance and pose a detriment to Borough/Township relations,” Mr. Shannon wrote.

Council agreed to hold off further discussion until a search for minutes or tapes is made. These, it was hoped, would clarify the issue.

Mr. Freda, however, said he planned to talk to Township officials some time during the next week — when, presumably, he would attempt to refresh their memories.

-Myrna K. Bearse

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