Fire Damages Ford Van In Institute Garage

September 25, 1993 (~estimated)

Fire Damages Ford Van In Institute Garage

A 1982 Ford van was damaged by a fire in a parking garage early Saturday morning at the Institute for Advanced Study on Olden Lane.

According to police, Leroy Alloway, a security guard, was checking the building around 2 in the morning when he noticed flames coming from the garage. He attempted to remove vehicles from inside but was overcome by smoke. Mr. Alloway refused treatment and called for help.

A general alarm was sounded, sending all three volunteer fire companies to the scene. Before the fire was brought under control, the interior and exterior of the garage and the van were damaged in the blaze. No other vehicles were damaged, police said.

Township Fire Marshall Ted Cashel reported that the fire may have been caused by the inappropriate storing of paint materials inside the van.

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