Fire on Randall Road

Town Topics
3 January, 1984


General Alarm Sounded. It didn’t take long for 1984’s first general alarm to sound.

Four hours into the new year, a general alarm was sounded at 4:17 for a fire in the basement of the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Keigler, 50 Randall Road. All the occupants escaped injury when they were able to get out in time.

According to Police Chief Anthony Pinelli, it appears as if the fire started in a storage
room below a fireplace ash pit. He described damage to he home as extensive.

According to one fireman at the scene, the basement area and some firewood that had been stored there were “pretty well charred.” There was also a lot of water and smoke damage.

Ptl. John Clausen responded to the initial call and requested that a general alarm be sounded.

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