Fire Ruins Compressor; Placed at $50,000

9 November, 1988 (~estimated)

Fire Ruins Compressor; Loss Placed at $50,000

A large  construction-type compressor was destroyed Friday morning when it caught fire on Herrontown Road near Autumn Hill Lane.

Police report that the , Ingersoll-Rand compressor, us-ed to break up sidewalks and , pavement, was mounted on a  six by 11-foot trailer and is valued at $50,000. It is owned by the A. Cestone Company of Glen Ridge, who were doing excavation work.

According to Lt. Mario Musso, the compressor caught fire for no apparent cause after it was turned on. Approximately ten firemen responded to a 7:41 call for aid, but Lt. Musso said the compressor was a total loss before they were able to put out the fire.

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