Fire scare shows need or changes at Bainbridge site

14 March, 1990 (estimated)

Fire scare shows need or changes at Bainbridge site

To the editor:

On Sunday, March 4, at 11:30 p.m., the Princeton Borough Police called to inform me that heavy and foul-smelling smoke was billowing out of the Bainbridge House chimney on Nassau Street.

When I arrived at the house, both the police and volunteer firemen were standing by.

Fortunately, the problem was a malfunctioning furnace burner and the smoke did go up the chimney and not into the house. Although we are relieved that they turned out not to be needed, we are extremely grateful the alertness of the police and the quick response of the fire company.

The recent fire on the other side of Nassau Street reminds us of just how vulnerable our historic heritage can be.

We are especially conscious of this at Bainbridge House, where components of our heating and electrical systems are 50 to 80 years old. Because of this, we have launched a capital campaign to, among other things, replace these systems and install modern security and fire suppression devices.

We hope that we can count on the community’s support in ensuring that Bainbridge House never will suffer the tragic fate of its Nassau Street neighbors.

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