Fire Vehicle Replacement Okayed by Two Princetons

June 28, 1994 (~estimated)

Fire Vehicle Replacement Okayed by Two Princetons

In a Tuesday night joint meeting, Princeton Borough and Township approved a 20-year revised replacement and repair schedule for fire department vehicles. The plan designated a total of 11 vehicles, including pumpers, ladder trucks, and utility vehicles due for repair or replacement between now and the year 2013.

Borough Council voted 5 to 1 in support of the plan (Roger Martindell opposing). Three of the five Township Committee members were in attendance, including Sharon Bilanin, Steve Frakt, and Michelle Tuck, and all voted to approve.

Reports by Fire Department heads, including Assistant Chief David Bogle of Engine Company No. 3, Deputy Chief Robert Toole of Hook and Ladder, and Chief Benjamin Warren of Engine Company No. 1, were followed by extensive questioning and discussion by Council and Committee members.

Borough Mayor Marvin Reed explained it was important “that the municipalities get themselves on schedule and are financially prepared so the vehicles can be replaced on a given schedule. We know they have a specific life span.

The Big Items

“The big items we have to anticipate are the Tele-squirt in 1998 and the ladder truck in 2007,” he added.

The tele-squirt truck, estimated to cost $425,000, is a pumper with a special arm attachment on top, allowing the nozzle of the hose to be set at different heights and angles. It also provides remote control “capabilities for the driver of the truck to operate it from the ground, thus saving manpower.

The ladder truck, costing an estimated $500,000 to $600,000, often called a “cherry picker,” is distinguished by a basket which can reach 75 feet up in the air.

This is especially important for fire fighting in areas with taller buildings, such as Princeton Business District, Princeton University campus, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the Institute for Advanced Study.

Noted Councilman Mark Freda, a volunteer member of Hook & Ladder Company, I think the fire department did a very good job in the revised schedule. They have tried to blend the needs of the Fire Department with the needs of the taxpayer.”

In related business, Borough Council and Township Committee also approved a resolution for Fire Department rules and regulations.

Donation from University

At the end of the joint session, Pam Hersh, Director of Community and State Affairs at Princeton University, presented Chief Benjamin Warren with a $25,000 donation.

“We make this gift in appreciation of all the years of conscientious service to the campus community by the  Princeton Fire Department volunteers,” said Ms. Hersh.

The donation was targeted to purchase equipment for fire-fighters, specifically: six air packs, 17 half-hour air bottles, and six one-hour air bottles. Ms. Hersh also referred to this year’s 200th anniversary celebration of Engine Company No. 1, and commended the company for two centuries of dedicated service.

Members of the Company, which is located on Chestnut Street, will lead the other two Princeton Fire Companies in Friday’s annual Inspection Parade. The parade will begin at 7 p.m. at Chestnut Street. Members and equipment from the three fire companies will parade down Nassau Street to Borough Hall.

—Jean Stratton

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