Firefighter prevented disaster at Griggs

April 19, 1995 (~estimated)

Firefighter prevented disaster at Griggs

To the editor:

The recent fires in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey were a terrible disaster — a disaster that could have been much worse without the hard work of the region’s firefighters.

Quite recently I was returning home from some errands and could smell the delightful aroma of a warm fire burning in a fireplace. As I turned into my development, I saw fire trucks and realized it was a brush fire, not more than 200 feet from the home of one of my neighbors.

Thanks to the timely response of the local volunteer fire companies (Hook and Ladder. and Engine Co. 3,) the fire was contained and put out before any serious damage happened. I would like to thank those volunteer firemen whose vigilance and dedication spared all of us at Griggs Farm our own disaster. I would also like to thank the person who called in the alarm.

In the warm days of summer ahead, our woods and fields can become very dry. As an aid to all our firemen and to help preserve the environment, please do not let young people with matches go unsupervised. The price of poor supervision could be very high indeed.

Rip Pellaton

William Patterson Court

Princeton Township

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