Firefighters commended for their brave service

29 June, 1990 (~estimated)

Firefighters commended for their brave service

To the editor:

Hats off to our heroes.

As a bystander I stood on the corner of Nassau and Pine Street one late rainy cold eight and witnessed the courage and compassion of our fearless and dedicated firefighters, all of whom are volunteers.

They certainly should be commended on their accurate and dependable service. As I stood there helpless, after witnessing recently three other fires in town, I thought to myself, what if that were my house burning, what sort of feelings would I have encountered and how could I repay these courageous people for their dedicated service to our community.

By all means our firefighters should be recognized ‘and favorably rewarded. Anyway I hope this enlightmas many of us. to Mop and think about the good deeds of our brave heroes firefighters and policemen — in towns such as ours.

Guy San Filippo
Boutonniere by Guy
Nassau Street, Princeton

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