Firehouse project completion delayed

12 July, 1991

Firehouse project completion delayed

A string of problems with building Princeton Fire Department’s newest firehouse have pushed completion of the $1.7 million project back until spring of next year, officials said.

The Witherspoon Street building will be the new home of Mercer Engine Co. Number 3 when construction is completed sometime in late March or early April, Princeton Borough Councilman Mark Freda said.

“As far as I know, everything is tooling ahead. It’s going ahead now,,” Mr. Freda said.

Construction started in the spring with an initial completion date of Dec. 15.

That was pushed back by of a number of problems, Mr. Freda said.

The project’s main contractor failed to file the proper insurance papers. After that, the ‘provider of steel for the project went out of business.

“He went out of business so the contractor had to take the time to find somebody else,” Mr. Freda said.

As construction started, other problems developed, he said.

“Something was wrong with the way they poured the foundation walls. So there were problems with that.” he said.

Workers also found a sewer line running under the site that belonged to another property owner, Mr. Freda said.

“So we had to get the easements for that. There were a lei. of negotiations and, of course, that hook us some time,” he said.

Now that the major framework of the building has been erected, the rest of the project should go well, officials said.

“There’s just been one little thing after the other and each lisle thing eats up time.” Mr. Freda said. “It’s the nature of the business. It’s the nature of the work, esp6cially on a big. project like this.”

Bonds issued by both municipalities will cover the construction costs, Mr. Freda said. The money is expected to be recouped by the sale of the, Chestnut Street building, he added.

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