For equipment: 1st aid squad launches special gifts campaign

18 July 1979

For equipment:
1st aid squad launches special gifts campaign

For the first time in its history, the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad is launching a one-time special gifts campaign to obtain funds that are needed to maintain the quality and reliability of the squad’s motorized and communications equipment. The minimum goal is $50,000.

The appeals will be directed to business organizations, institutions, foundations and individuals in the community who depend most heavily on the squad’s services or who have demonstrated their support for the organization through the generosity of their past contributions.

The campaign will not be a broad-based one that would compete with the squad’s annual appeal to the entire community for operating funds. This is scheduled for the fall, as usual.

J. Edwin Obert Jr., the squad’s captain, has announced that a volunteer committee composed of eight well-known Princetonians will conduct the campaign. They are Richard W. Baker, Dean W. Chace, George W. Conover,
John F. Joff, R. L. Lenhart, Ralph S. Mason, James Stewart III and William L. Wilson.

The major objective of the campaign will be to provide approximately $23,000 toward the purchase of a new Lifemobile ambulance and another $9,000 to equip the vehicle. Age and hard usage force the replacement of the squad’s present number one ambulance, which will be retained as an emergency back-up vehicle.

Anticipating this need in 1980, the squad has built up a replacement fund of $16,000 from current receipts over the past five years but inflation has made that reserve inadequate to cover the current purchase cost.

Another $8,500 is needed to replace the chassis on the present Lifemobiie so that it can be kept operating for emergency needs. Necessary repairs and modifications to the squad’s heavy rescue truck will cost another $1,500.

If the goal is met and goes over the top sufficiently, from one to three walkie-talkie units will be purchased for a maximum of $4,500 and $2,500 spent for additional equipment and training of the underwater rescue (SCUBA diving) team. A $5,000 contingency fund also is budgeted to cover unanticipated cost increases or emergencies.

“Personal appeals, in person or by letter, will be made by the members of our campaign committee to these in the community who can rightfully be expected to be best able and willing to help us in this serious emergency.” Capt. Obert said. “However, we invite and will be exceptionally grateful for any unsolicited gifts that we may receive.

“Anyone or organization in the community that wishes-to express appreciation for past services of the squad or recognition of our place in the life of the community is invited to send gifts to the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 529. These will be immediately acknowledged with deepest thanks,” he said.

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