From Goblins, “Thank You!”

Town Topics
9 November 1983

From Goblins, “Thank You!”

To the Editor of Town Topics:

The ghouls of Princeton now in mufti want to thank all those who preserved the peace and provided the punch for a sensational Halloween happening: The Princeton Borough Police, our perpetual security; Rip Pellaton, our stout-lunged tomorrow; the Princeton University Band, whose Mickey Mouse had even ghosts smiling under their sheets; Peter Hodges and Mark Freda whose scarlet pumpers both led the way and pulled up the rear; Inter-Act, who kept us safe without a sound; and McCarter Theatre for providing the Goblin Call prize ticket plucked by lucky Patrick Schmierer; the Nassau Inn and Petie Duncan for touching every sense by lighting the night and pleasing our palettes.

for the Arts Council
of Princeton

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