Glenmede Trust Co. Moves to Firehouse

November 2, 1995 (~estimated)

Glenmede Trust Co. Moves to Firehouse

The Glenmede Trust Company of New Jersey has moved to its new offices in the former Princeton firehouse at 16 Chambers Street. The move follows an extensive renovation and adaptation of the building by owner/architect, Michael Giardino.

According to Glenmede President Bruce Simon, the move to the heart of Princeton reflects Glenmede’s commitment to the community. “We feel it’s important to be a part of the community,” Mr. Simon said. “The firehouse served Princeton well for a long time, and we hope to do the same.”

The Glenmede Trust Company of New Jersey manages investment and trust portfolios for individuals and institutional investor’s. Glenmede Trust is an affiliate of the Glenmede Corporation, whose trust and investment companies manage more than $8 billion in assets, including those of the Pew Charitable Trusts.

The 8,800-square-foot Chambers Street building was the home of Engine Company Number 3 from 1932 until the early 1990s. It required a new design and extensive reconstruction to be converted to office use. The exterior doors that accommodated the fire trucks are no longer visible. The view from the street is now of limestone portico and glass windows.

The design of the facade was inspired by the architectural character of financial institutions on Regency Street in London. In fact, the firehouse’s new limestone portico was fabricated in England and shipped to New Jersey for installation.

The interior includes a reception area, personal of-fices, conference rooms and a full kitchen. The first floor, which is more formal than the second, has marble floors, thick wool carpets and cherry woodwork. Glenmede worked with Inside Architec-ture of Hopewell to design and specify the building’s in-terior finishes and fur-nishings.

The Glenmede Trust Company of New Jersey, and its predecessor firm, A.L. Herst, Inc., was previously located at Carnegie Center.

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