Help squad’s growth

25 September 1981
(date estimated)

Help squad’s growth

To thc editor:

I was privileged to be the Princeton Medical Center representative several years ago when the idea of the Lifemobile was conceived. Since that time, hundreds of volunteer paramedics have taken the 500 hours required for certification thereby enabling the patients to obtain the best possible care in the shortest possible time. A great majority of these patients have been cardiac cases.

The positive impact of the Lifemobiles over the past few years, for all five hospitals in our county, has been outstanding. For example, over the last eight months, there have been 44 lives saved, 114 cases of arrhythmia prevention, and 293 cases of marked improvement because of the quick action of the Lifemobile recorded for Mercer County hospitals.

Rather than a debate to shut down the Princeton First Aid Squad, we should better consider contributing more to its continued growth for the sake of all of us.

William F. Haynes Jr., M.D.
Section of Cardiology
Medical Center at Princeton

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