Importance of Displaying Your House Number

8:30 p.m.:   First Aid Squad receives call.
Victim has chest pains.

8:36 p.m.:  First Aid Squad arrives at correct street.
Crew can’t locate house.
House number not marked.

8:40 p.m.: Victim’s spouse finally flags down ambulance crew.
Valuable time has been wasted.

Although this particular victim was stabilized and rushed to the Emergency Room, this type of scene happens far more often than many people realize, far more often than it needs to. Police, fire and rescue personnel responding to an emergency call simply can’t find the address because the house number is poorly marked, or not displayed at all. Take a look at your house from the street. Is the house number easily identifiable, day or night? If it isn’t, please take the steps necessary to make it so. Easy-to-use reflective lettering can be applied to mark the driveway, mailbox or front of your home.

Your house number.

Display it like your life depends on it. Someday it might.

In case of emergency, call: Boro Police 924-4141.
Twp. Police 921-2100.


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