June Fete 10K Race

June Fete 10K Race Committee
3 Alta Vista Drive
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
May 31, 1989

Mr. Mark Freda, Fire Chief
Princeton Fire Department
16 Fisher Avenue
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Dear Mr. Freda

Welcome to the June Fete 108 Race! Having the Fire Chief’s Car with the Tire Chief driving aa our pace car and driver in s wonderful addition to our race. As I said on the phone, because we are not allowed to clone off the race course to traffic, the pace car needs to draw attention to the fact that a foot race is in Progress.

The 10K Race Committee looks forward to meeting you at 7:30 a.m., June 10th at the loe race start line. Enclosed please find the race course map.

Thank you for your time.

Jane Petrie,
June Fete 10K Race Co-Director

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