Lifemobile’s move threatens care

21 March, 1986 (~estimated)

Lifemobile’s move threatens care 

To the editor: 

As a concerned resident, I am appalled to learn that there is no longer a full-time lifemobile stationed in Princeton. As of March 17, the county lifemobile was moved to the Princeton Junction Fire Co., located on the other side of the railroad tracks in West Windsor Township.

Mercer County recently expanded its lifemobile program to improve the overall quality of pre-hospital care in this county. There are now three full-time lifemobiles situated throughout the county, which provide 24-hour paramedic coverage, administered by Helene Fuld Medical Center. 

Shortly thereafter, Helene Fuld was informed by the hospital that they could no longer base their unit at that location. They then moved to the Valley Road Administration Building and are now being forced to move again. As in the initial move from the Princeton Medical Center, the reason for this move is not publicly known. 

This move will undoubtedly increase response time to Princeton, resulting in the delay or potential absence of treatment to those in need of the level of care that only a paramedic can provide. This does not take into account the exorbitant amount of time that it will now take for paramedics to reach outlying areas, such as Montgomery and Rocky Hill.

 It is my opinion that this move will be detrimental to the welfare of many people urgently requiring this service. If Helene Fuld felt that Princeton was the optimal location for the lifemobile, why have they been met with such resistance? If we, as the residents of Princeton, want this service in our town, we must voice our opposition of the county lifemobile’s move. 

Mark Sanders
Alexander Street 

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