Many deserve thanks for response to fire

September 23, 1994 (~estimated)

Many deserve thanks for response to fire

To the editor:

Two weeks have passed since we stood at midnight watching flames engulf several homes in our Markham Square townhouse complex. We are grateful for the response from Princeton and the surrounding communities who helped during and after this traumatic experience.

Thanks to the Princeton Fire Department and Chief “Roz” Warren for putting out the fire as quickly as possible. Thanks also to Chief Warren for requesting the backup companies from Princeton Junction, Kingston, Lawrence, Plainsboro and Kendall Park. Thanks “backup” companies for being there.

The Princeton police kept us informed and helped provide security, and the Princeton Rescue Squad and Ladies Fire Auxiliary gave additional support and comfort that night. A special thanks to David Kalb, night manager at the Hyatt, for providing rooms for those of us who needed shelter that night.

Thanks also to Bob Hillier for designing and building our units with strong firewalls, which were key to protecting adjoining units.

The next day we learned emergency measures had to be taken to prevent further damage from the pending “noreaster storm. Our compliments to Bill Drake, Princeton fire official, who patiently provided the sequence of required work, and kept us focused. Ed Moyer, of Moyer Roofing; Ken Kendall, of Rendall-Cook Property Managers, U.S. Contractors, Nelson Glass and Harald Greve of Applied Engineering & Technology and their companies worked that afternoon and through part of the storm that night to make sure we were “shored up” from further damage. Grover lumber made sure we had the needed lumber delivered promptly.

Our thanks also go to PSE&G for restoring electricity at the earliest possible time. Doris Harper, from the Red Cross, has been wonderful with information and support of all the homeowners.

Thanks to Marvin Reed and the Princeton Borough officials who still play a part in our rebuilding process. And to everyone who has shown kindness and, concern following the fire, we thank them for their understanding.

Pat Mayfield

Markham Square Homeowners Association

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