Miss McCloskey Dies In Fire On Chestnut St. Monday

December 30, 1970

Princeton Packet

Miss McCloskey Dies In Fire On Chestnut St. Monday

Miss Rose V. McCloskey, 69, died late Monday night as a result of a fire in her home at 17 Chestnut St. The exact cause of the general alarm fire, reported at 11:45 p.m., was undetermined.

Fire and police officials said the blaze may have been started by faulty wiring, a malfunctioning furnace or a chimney with no flue. All three possible causes were in the area of the most intense burning, fire officials said.

According to fire officials, Miss McCloskey was taken from the burning building by Robert McCloskey, a cousin and former fireman, who lives at 6 Chestnut Street. Attempts were made to revive her on the porch of the house, en route to Princeton Hospital in a First Aid Squad ambulance, and at the hospital.

Miss McCloskey, who was living alone, tried to escape from the house before she was felled by smoke, police and fire officials speculate. She was found in the living room of the small house, wearing a nightgown.

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