Near Tragedy Averted

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15 April 1981

Near Tragedy Averted

When Tot Falls into Brook. Quick action by a baby sitter and police averted a near tragedy Monday morning, after a two-year old girl was discovered floating face down in Harry’s Brook.

Ptl. Mario Musso responded to an 11:22 call of a possible drowning in the brook behind 39 Poe Road. Upon his arrival, he found the baby sitter, who lives at 39 Poe, giving the child mouth to mouth resuscitation. The victim, who is a resident of Princeton Arms in East Windsor, had been discovered by the baby sitter’s five-year-old son.

“The child was still breathing but in bad shape,” Ptl. Musso said. He placed the victim in the car with the baby sitter, who was still applying resuscitation, and sped toward the Princeton Medical Center. “She knew how to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and I knew how to drive; we made a good team,” recalled Ptl. Musso.

They were met on Route 27 by a Princeton First Aid Squad ambulance with two paramedics who transferred the child to the ambulance. A hospital spokesman said Tuesday that the condition of the child is satisfactory.

Ptl. Musso said that apparently the victim and the five year old boy were just
playing and she fell into the brook. “It’s a little high,” he said, “because of the rain we’ve had.”

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