Neighbors Help

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23 September 1981

Neighbors Help

Neighbors of Mrs. Elinor Little, whose PCV apartment was gutted by fire Thursday night, immediately began to help. While the fire was still burning, they offered her a place to stay, clothing to wear, food to eat.

A notice posted by Debby Thomas and Becky Disher resulted in offers of furniture and dishes. Mrs. Margaret Owens took up a collection of money. Members of the PCV staff provided groceries and a bed, and re-located Mrs. Little in an empty PCV apartment. It was also necessary to re-locate tenants on one side of the Little apartment because of water damage. Mrs. Little reportedly was covered by insurance for her personal possessions, and Princeton Community Housing, Inc., has insurance for the building.

Those who would like to contribute goods or furnishings to Mrs, Little are asked to leave them at the PCV office on Bunn Drive.

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