New Fire Truck, More Approved by Council

November 11, 1992

New Fire Truck, More Approved by Council

Borough Council last week voted to approve the spending of $420,000 for a new fire truck and $66,000 for firehouse improvements and renovations. The money would be raised through a bond issue, and the cost shared with the Township — assuming Township Committee okays the expediture.

Borough Administrator Thomas Shannon said Fire Truck No. 621 had reached the end of its useful life, and needs to be replaced. Although a pumper truck would probably cost under $300,000, it was recommended that a telesquirt truck be purchased.

Mr. Shannon told Council that the Fire Department needs were evaluated jointly with Township Administrator James Pascale, “and we are in agreement with regard to the recommendations.”

“A telesquirt is an investment in the future,” said Borough Councilman and Volunteer Firefighter Mark Freda. “It will turn out to be the most heavily used piece of equipment.”

Councilmen David Goldfarb and Roger Martindell urged that no capital decisions be made until Mr. Shannon completes the Borough’s comprehensive debt plan.

“I wish we had that before us,” said Mr. Shannon. “We don’t, and as I evaluate various needs, that truck is critical to the volunteer department. I don’t see any capital need that will supersede this one.”

Mr. Martindell continued to press the point that approval of the truck and renovations would subvert the Borough’s process of long-term debt planning.

“The telesquirt has been on the agenda for a couple of years.” said Mayor Marvin Reed. “I think we’ve got to get on with it.”

The Mayor added that Borough approval was necessary to begin the process of having the capital expenditures approved by the Township.

Mr. Goldfarb said that, realistically, the truck has to be done this year or next.

“You may be sure,” said Mr. Martindell. “I’m not sure.”

Mr. Martindell cast the lone vote against the Fire Department capital expenditure.

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