New firehouse gets funding

29 June, 1990 (~estimated)

New firehouse gets funding

Princeton township Committee has introduced a $1.28 million bond ordinance to fund the construction of a new firehouse on lower Witherspoon Street.

The $2 million firehouse will be constructed next to Valley Road Administration Building. Princeton Borough is pitching in an additional $720,000 to help pay for the construction work.

The uneven split is based not on the degree of service but rather the amount of total ratables available to the two communities.

The firehouse will replace an existing one one Chambers Street in Princeton Borough. Traffic congestion and illegal parking on Chambers Street have enormously hindered response times, according to firefighters.

Officials hope to begin construction on the firehouse this fall and have it completed sometime next spring.

The start of construction will come almost two years after officials agreed to locate the firehouse next to the Valley Road Administration Building, which houses township and school board offices. Officials announced the site selection in late October 1988.

Officials are working on new parking regulation for the Community Park lot located across the street. The new firehouse will eliminate a parking lot now used by township and school district employees who work at the Valley Road Administration Building.

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