New Pumper Is Added To Department Fleet

31 May, 1989 (~estimated)

New Pumper is Added To Department Fleet

Princeton. Eire Deportment Chief Mark Freda and Assistant Chief Pat Root have announced the addition of a new’ pumper to the Department’s fleet.

The new apparatus, a 1069 Pierce Lance pumper, was officially put in service on Tuesday, June 20. The pumper is capable pumping 1,750 gallons of water ter per minute. An on-board water tank arties 750 gallons of water, allowing the pumper to go into operation even before hooking up to a fire hydrant. The pumper aLso eon hes about 1,600 feet of tour-tech hose. In effect, MR hose is equivalent to laying a small water main on the street.

Assistant Chief Roof reported that the new pumper east $189,886. Since the Fire Department is a joint agency, this cost is split between Princeton Borough and Princeton Township on a ratable basis. The pumper will be housed at Princeton Engine Company #1 on Chestnut Street.

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