New Year’s celebration preparation

29 November, 1989

Mr. Mark Freda
Fire Chief
Princeton Borough
Monument Drive
Princeton, NJ, 08540

Dear Mark:

RE: Curtain Calls ’89 Fireworks

We have received our permit for a fireworks display at midnight on New Year’s Eve. As in previous years, the fireworks will be sent off from the YMCA parking lot, and the display will last for 7 minutes.

We are asking you for your assistance in sending a fire engine to stand by in the parking lot during the fireworks.

Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you very much in advance for your support of this town wide New Year’s Eve celebration.

Best regards,

Anne Reeves, Executive Director
Anne Kahn, Program Coordinator


P.S. You have been so great in the past, and this evening seems to serve so many of our town’s people.

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