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16 February 1983

News of Clubs and Organizations

The Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad held its annual dinner to install new officers for the year and award members for their contributions.

The officers for 1983 are Mark Freda, president; Joe Deering, vice-president; Simon Pankove, treasurer; Diana Flury, secretary; J. Edwin Obert, Jr., captain; Mike Bonotto and Maryanne Henderson, lieutenants; Judy-Matthies, chaplain; Jeff Urbany, head driver; Carol Obert, Hugh Cline and Rose Haskins, trustees; Diran Dermen and Brad Stager, members at large; Mark Freda, Simon Pankove and Rose Haskins, delegates to the New Jersey State First Aid Council, and Diana Flury, Brad Stager and Jeff Urbany as alternates to the State Council.

Awards were given to the following members for one year of service: Rose Haskins, Judy Matthies, Mark Sanders, Jamie Sayen, Sandy Sussman, Rob Toole, Jeff Urbany and Barbara Jo Waterman. Five year awards were given to Joe Deering, Maryanne Henderson and Eric Karch. Ten year awards were given to Diran Dermen, J. Edwin Obert Jr., Simon Pankove and Ron Wohlschlegal.

A special Member of the Year Award for outstanding service was given to Maryann Henderson. Extra Mile Awards for doing more than expected of a member were given to Hugh Çline and Jeff Urbany. Two Appreciation Awards were presented to Allen Frank and Jack Yeoman. These men received their, awards at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner held the same night.

In 1982 the Squad answered a total of 1067 emergency calls, 112 transportation calls and 74 stand-bys and other assignments. Hours spent on calls came to 5,214, the rigs’ traveled 14,645 miles. The Princeton Lifemobile had 19 saves for the year. Another 48 patients showed marked improvement thanks to the efforts of the paramedics.

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