Police find fire brings tough night on desk, too

Princeton Packet
16 January 1980

Police fine fire brings tough night on desk, too

Manning the desk for the Princeton Borough Police Department can normally be a hectic job, but for Ptl. Glen Stanton, who had that duty Wednesday night when the fire broke out, it was even worse.

Fortunately, he was assisted that evening by one of the borough’s four new patrolmen, Donald Dawson. In addition to the emergency calls, the desk officer also has to handle the “normal” calls that continue to come in.

What follows is a breakdown of activity at the fire which was monitored through the borough police desk. For each entry at least two calls are placed. One to request aid and another to dispatch that help.
7:59 – Richard Borowski, owner of Hudibras, called police to report the fire. Police cars were dispatched and the plectron sounded.
8:01 – A general alarm was sounded, ded.
8:02 – The Borough Council, meeting at Borough Hall, was notified of the fire.
8:06 – Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad equipment was sent to the scene.
8:10 – Elizabethtown Water Company turned up water pressure.
8:19 – Lawrence Township was requested to send fire trucks for mutual aid.
8:21 – Police barricades were brought to the scene.
8:25 – Street sanding put in operation.
8:26 – Hook and ladder trucks from Lawrence Township requested.
8:88 – Owner of Allen’s notified.
8:39 – Owner of Value Fair notified.
8:40 – Princeton Junction Fire Company called to supply pumper and manpower.
8:42 – Elizabethtown Water requested to turn up the water pressure again.
8:42 – Garden Theater evacuated.
8:43 – Sand trucks called out again.
8:46 – Kingston Fire Department requested, to stand by with pumper.
9:22 – Slackwood Fire Department requested to send aerial snorkel.
9:59 – Borough Lt. John Bello notified Det. Charles Harris of the borough arson squad to come to the scene.
10:23 – Nassau Fuel Oil Co. notified to supply diesel fuel to fire trucks at the scene.
10:33 – Lawrence Township requested to send an additional backup pumper to Engine Co. No. 3.
10:34 – Plainsboro requested to send a pumper to Hook and Ladder truck.
10:36 – A local fuel company is requested to supply gasoline for fire trucks but says it cannot.
12:20 – Trenton Fire Co. supplies regular gasoline for fire trucks.
5:00 – All equipment except those from Engine Co. No. 3 have returned to their stations.

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