Reconsider paramedic cuts

Princeton Packet
19 August 1981

Reconsider paramedic cuts

To the editor:
The following is a copy of a letter to Mayor Cawley and the Princeton Borough Council.

I am writing in regard to your lack of financial support for the daytime paramedic program.

Last week my partner and I received notice making official a problem we’ve lived with for a year. As of Sept. 25, unless your present position changes. Princeton will lose its weekday advanced life support, its guarantee of quick- response basic life support, and we will be out of jobs.

I don’t question your awareness of the consequences or your commitment to the community. I am well aware of the problems of a low budget. Also. I am not writing to personally defend our jobs — I hope there arc people in the community who will support our positions more effectively and without the vested interest of staying employed (unfortunately, most take emergency medical services, like most public services, for granted until needed).

I am, however, asking for some consideration when you meet on this matter. While I certainly hope you decide to continue the program. I ask, whatever your decision, that it be permanent. Please don’t continue with half-way, semiannual allotment of funds. Personally, this is a difficult way to live and I find this a difficult way to work. I like my job, I’m good at it, and I would like to stay with it, but if the question is to be resolved, please make a permanent decision.

I would like also to point out that if you drop the program now and at some later date realize you’ve made a mistake you will, in all probability, have lost two highly qualified, well-educated paramedics who have worked together for over a year and are oriented to, and recognized in, your community.

Kevin Kelty, MICP
Princeton First Aid
and Rescue Squad

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