Rescue squad woes remain unresolved

8 August 1979

Rescue squad woes remain unresolved

Summer — the potentially dangerous season in terms of inadequate daytime first aid -quad coverage in Princeton — is more than half over, and still no progress has been made to improve the Princeton First Aid Squad’s manpower problem, said squad Capt. Edwin Obert.

Although the first aid squad accepted the Borough Police’s offer to handle daytime emergency calls, three weeks ago the plan has not been implemented.

Although the Township Committee and the Borough Council have promised funds for daytime squad personnel, probably none of the money will be forthcoming until the new budget year, January of 1980.

According to Mr. Obert, the snags in the police plan result from insurance and certification problems. The borough would have to get additional malpractice insurance to cover the police in their first aid squad role. The insurance, said Mr. Obert, would cost in the vicinity of $2,500.

Also, it is Mr. Obert’s understanding from a state Department of Health official that the police would have to take a federal emergency medical technician course in order to perform first aid squad duties.

Financing two fulltime daytime squad personnel at an approximate cost of $32,500 is indefinite, in spite of the promises by the borough and township.

The township passed a resolution to pay its full share in cooperation with the borough. However, the borough committed only ‘’some’’ portion of its share. Borough council members request the First Aid Squad Committee to search for outside sources of funding. The question remains whether the borough would provide its full share if no outside funds are found. Also unresolved is how the two municipalities would divide the costs — 50/50 or according to ratables.

First aid squad committee chairman Richard Woodbridge said vacation schedules, as well as Princeton borough police contract negotiations have slowed action on the first aid squad personnel situation. “But now that I will have more free time because a PBA contract tentative agreement has been reached and that Mr. Obert and Police Chief Carnevale are back from vacation, I expect the squad’s problem to be receiving the necessary attention,” said Mr. Woodbridge.

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