Smoke, But No Fire In Two Incidents Here

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26 August, 1987

Smoke, But No Fire In Two Incidents Here

 The hot tip of a welding unit set some heavy work clothes smoldering in the basement of the Engineering Quad at 12:35 a.m. on August 19. The Borough police, the fire department and the department of public safety at the University responded to the call.

In another smoke incident, the fire chief and a fire truck responded to a report of smoke at 99 Alexander Street. The smoke was caused when a maintenance person turned the furnace on while workmen were making repairs to the chimney.

Princeton Packet

Two smoke conditions were re-ported in the borough last week. Smoke was located in the basement of the Princeton University Engineering Quadrangle. The Princeton Fire Department responded to the call and discovered a smoldering welding unit in the basement that was brushing against welder’s clothing. The borough police and a university public safety representAtive also responded to the call.

Fire officials also responded to a call at a university owned building at 99 Alexander St. on Aug. 20. A chimney in the building was under repair when maintenance men turned on the building furnace, causing the smoking condition. There was no damage reported.

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