Smoke detector measure to undergo amendment

3 June, 1986 (~estimated)

Smoke detector measure to undergo amendment 

Passage of an ordinance mandating smoke detectors in all Princeton Township dwellings was postponed by lawmakers Monday night but is expected to be re-introduced next month. 

Township Fire Official Joseph Woods recommended the re-introduction after advising the Township Committee the proposed ordinance’s standards should mirror those in national fire codes. 

Those codes, he said, define multifamily dwellings as those that house two or more dwellings, not 10 or more as defined in the measure under consideration Monday night. 

The proposed ordinance discussed Monday was originally introduced on May 12. 

Under the amended measure, all existing single-family houses in Princeton Township would be required to be equipped with battery-powered smoke detectors. For those multi-dwelling units, dual-powered, or both battery and electric-powered detectors, would be mandated.

All dwellings would be required to be equipped with detection devices by Sept. 1, 1986, under the proposed measure. 

Since changing the definition of multifamily dwellings from those housing 10 or more units to two or more constituted a “substantive” change, the committee has to re-introduce the measure, then schedule another public hearing, according to Edwin Schmierer, township attorney. 

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