Squad marks record calls

Princeton Packet
29 July 1981

Squad mark record calls

June was the busiest June in the last 10 serious enough to warrant the use of the
years for the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad. The squad responded to a total of 106 calls, 89 of which were emergency dispatches, according to a squad spokesman.

The high rate of calls for June completes the busiest six months in the squad’s records, the six-month total being 648 calls as compared with 482 for the first half of last year. This is a 34 percent increase.

Of the 89 emergency calls, 30 were advanced life support skills of the paramedics. Five of the patients were seriously or critically injured in motor vehicle accidents, 13 were experiencing chest pain and/or difficulty breathing, and a number were unconscious or had been unconscious from any of several causes.

Forty-three of June’s calls were in Princeton Borough, 41 were in Princeton Township, and 22 were either mutual aid calls or out-of-town transports.

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