‘Telesquirt’ Fire Truck

17 July, 1991 (~estimated)

‘Telesquirt’ Fire Truck

In other business, Council agreed to “plan” to appropriate $400,000 in 1992 for the new “telesquirt” fire truck the Fire Department is requesting. Committee meanwhile will ask the two fire commissioners to make a recommendation about this expenditure before it decides.

The discussion of Fire Department needs was marked by the same backing and forthing that also characterized the discussion of the Library’s requested $55,000. At one point, Fire Chief Patrick Root said, “Every time we come up here you just argue among your-selves and nothing ever gets done.”

In addition to the telesquirter, the Fire Department is asking for $60,000 in 1992 to upgrade its breathing apparatus, and projecting the need for $250,000 in 1993 for building improvements, $50,000 in 1994 for protective clothing, and $100,000 in radio communications equipment for 1995.

It was agreed that cost of removing underground fuel oil tanks at the three fire houses, plus removing asbestos, could be very expensive, but no decisions were made as to when to begin undertaking these projects.

Borough Council also made it clear to Township Committee that it was not in a position to assist in the acquisition of open space to the tune of half a million dollars annually over the next six years.

—Barbara L. Johnson

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