Truck Fire, Explosion Cause Home Evacuations

18 August 1976

Truck fire, explosion cause home evacuations

A 16,000 pound flatbed truck exploded and burned last Wednesday morning on Springdale Road. No one was injured in the incident.

A general alarm was called in and houses in the neighborhood were evacuated when the truck began to burn at about 10:50 a.m., according to Princeton Borough Police.

According to the driver, John Tucker of Pennsylvania, one of the two 25-gallon gasoline tanks slung under the cab fell from its holding brackets and started to burn. The driver said he heard the noise but drove at least 200 feet before he realized that the truck was catching fire.

The gas tank later exploded and residents were evacuated for fear of another explosion.

Fire consumed the cab and melted the fiberglass body over the engine before firemen extinguished the flames with foam.

The truck, which belonged to John Ober of Spruce Street in Voorhees, was carrying portable sanitation units.

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FIRE DESTROYED this flatbed truck on Springdale Road last Wednesday after one of its two gas tanks fell loose and caught fire.

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When a gas tanks explode. A 16,000-pound flatbed truck was totally destroyed last Wednesday (…)

John Tucker of ?? Square, Pa., who had stopped his truck and fled when he realized the danger, escaped injury. A general alarm was sounded and police evacuated all homes in the immediate area and detoured traffic because of the possibility of another tank exploding. Eventually, all three gas tanks on the truck blew up.

Ptl. William Hunter and Ptl. Peter Hanley responded to a 10:50 call from a Springdale Road resident that a truck was on fire. According to police, one of the 25-gallon “saddle” gas tanks on either side of the truck fell loose from its mounting. Sparks flew as it was dragged along. The driver told police later that he had heard a noise but continued on before he realized his truck was on fire, leaving a 200 foot trail of flames.

Before Princeton’s firemen were able to extinguish the fire with foam, the other saddle tank and a third under the seat ignited. The mishap took place near the intersection of Springdale and College Road.

Owned by John Ober, Inc. of Voorhees, the truck was carrying portable, outside toilets. There was only one on the truck at the time.

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