Two Boys Rescued

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11 July, 1984

Two Boys Rescued

From Rain-Swollen Stony Brook. Two young men were rescued from rain-swollen Stony Brook Saturday after they had been knocked from their raft at Rosedale Bridge.

Peter Versfeld, 158 Spruce Street, and David Karch, 115 Jefferson Road, were pulled from the rampaging stream at 4:45 by members of the Princeton Rescue Squad. Police had been called at 3:27 by a neighbor who saw the youths in trouble.

According to Capt. Jack Petrone, the two youths were rafting down Stony Brook and as they approached Rosedale Bridge, they could not navigate under the span because of the height of the water. They were knocked off the raft and swept down stream.

Because they were strong, they were able to hold on to logs and branches, Capt. Petrone added, until they were rescued. Neither required any hospital care, he said.

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