Two Cars Are Damaged By Fires in Township

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30 December, 1987

Two Cars Are Damaged By Fires in Township

Two cars were damaged last week by fire in the Township in separate incidents.

A 1976 Chevrolet Impala sustained damage to electrical wires, hoses and paint on the hood when a fire erupted in the , engine’s carburetor. Owner Richard Irvin told Ptl. Stephan Hogancamp that the car had been running about five minutes when he noticed the fire. P11. Hogancamp had been patrolling in the Princeton Shopping Center at 12:09 Sunday morning when he saw white smoke coming from the engine compartment of the car parked near Rosa’s Cafe. He was able to put out the fire with his patrol car extinguisher.

While Ptl. Arthur Villaruz was on patrol on Gallup Road at 1:46 Christmas day, he saw smoke coming from a 1979 Dodge parked in the driveway , at 276 Gallup. Using his patrol car extinguisher, he was able to contain the fire to the car’s engine compartment.

A resident of Glen Cove, N.Y., returned early Tuesday morning to his Honda. parked in the Tulane East yard, to find that someone had broken the driver’s side window with a cinder block. There was evidence the interior of the car had been searched but nothing was taken.

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