Two Homes Fires Sunday On Longview, Philip Dr.

22 December, 1990 (~estimated)

Two Homes Fires Sunday On Longview, Philip Dr.

There were no injuries in two fires Sunday in private homes in the Township.

A general alarm was sounded at 6,29 in the evening and 35 firemen responded to a fire at the home of Sorin Davidescu, 189 Longview Drive.

The homeowner, police said, had cleaned out the ashes from a fireplace around 5, placed them in a hag and carried the bag to a small storage room located between the garage and a first-floor family room. The smouldering ashes ignited.

The resulting fire caused extensive fire, smoke and water damage to the storage room and some smoke and water damage to the family room.

Earlier that day around 1, a Philip Drive homeowner placed some cooking oil in a pan, turned up the stove flame and then went upstairs. Ten minutes later, police said, she remembered the pan and came – downstairs to discover the kitchen’s exhaust fan on fire. She called police.

Volunteer firemen on three fire trucks responded to the scene. One of the firemen, Tom Johnson, who operates his own electrical business. reported that the fire started as a result of an electrical short in the exhaust fan motor. There was extensive damage to the motor but little to the interior.

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