Woodbridge: ‘Mini-pumper’ to be needed

20 October 1982

Woodbridge: ‘Mini-pumper’ to be needed

by Ron Bartlett
Staff Writer

Princeton Borough Councilman Richard Woodbridge has been informally suggesting to the Collins Development Corp. that it might assist in the purchase of a piece of firefighting equipment he believes would be essential to the protection of Palmer Square after its renovation.

Mr. Woodbridge, who serves as Princeton’s fire commissioner, stressed this week that there is “no specific offer on the table” from Collins- on the purchase of the Equipment, known as a “mini-pumper.” However, he said the developers have been “relatively sympathetic” during various conversations he has had with them, and have “informally indicated they might be interested in defraying the cost of the pumper.”

The-mini-pumper, valued between $30,000 and $40,000, would be necessary for several aspects of the Collins plan if a fire ever broke out, the councilman said. Those locations would be the proposed Chambers Street garage, the underground garages off Hulfish Street, and the inner housing units which have been proposed at the base of the square.

MR. WOODBRIDGE slated strongly that the mini-pumper, with its small size and quick mobility, would be ideal in servicing several areas of the borough outside Palmer Square, although he added that the Collins plans before the Princeton Regional Planning Board “accelerated” its need.

Both the Board of Engineers and the fire commissioners have passed resolutions recently requesting that the purchase of the mini-pumper be moved up to 1983 from its original slated arrival in 1984, the councilman added. In comparison, the last full-sized pumper bought by Princeton cost $120,000.

James Harvic; vice prcsident of Collins Development Corp., said on Tues-


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day that he had spoken to Mr. Woodbridge within the past month about the mini-pumper, although the firm has made no commitment to its purchase at this time.

“There are absolutely no negotiations or formal conversations going on,” Mr. Harvie said, adding “he has spoken to us, and we are sympathetic to his needs.”

THE VICE PRESIDENT, who was on hand at Monday’s Planning Board review of the Palmer Square master plan revisions, said the firefighting equipment “is one of many things up for consideration” between the borough and the developer. “We made absolutely no promises,” he added.

Fire protection was one of the primary topics of discussion when Collins appeared before the planners for the second time on the new revisions Monday.

Collins officials testified that their insurance and fire representatives have reviewed the plans and found them adequate, but under borough Mayor Robert Cawley’s recommendation, fire department officials will be requested to
appear at the third meeting with the developer, slated for Nov. 1.

Mr. Woodbridge said Do Chung, the principal architect for Collins at Palmer Square, was scheduled to meet with the Board of Engineers tonight (Wed., Oct. 20) at 5 p.m. at Borough Hall.

“I HAVE BEEN most impressed by the efforts made by Collins to address the safety issues which have been raised,” Mr. Woodbridge said in praise of the developer.

Mr. Harvie said his firm has completed its presentation to the planning board and expects the Nov. 1 meeting to be used as a question and answer session with the board.

“The modification of the plan, as far as the overall uses, the size, and the number of cars is practically identical as before,” Mr. Harvie said.

Collins’ plan for Palmer Square has beep unchanged since the company appeared before the Environmental Design Review Board in September.

The plans differ from the original design proposal approved by the planning board in preliminary site plan review. The new plans are without a dock over Hulfish Street, moving all retail space to the street level.

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