Workman is Treated

Town Topics
22 July 1981

WORKMAN IS TREATED For “Chemical Mishap.” Township police, firemen and the first aid unit responded to the American Can Company on N. Harrison Street last week, after receiving a report of a chemical mishap there. On arrival police discovered the building had been evacuated.

According to police, Donald Calhoun of Bristol, Pa., an employee of Calhoun Associates, an air filter and water treatment service company, had been working on a chemical feed tank used for cooling. When he added chlorine to the tank, a routine procedure, police continued, there must have been an unknown chemical in the tank which reacted with the chlorine.

Mr. Calhoun experienced extreme dryness of the lungs but responded to treatment when first aid personnel administered oxygen.

CAR CATCHES FIRE On Birch Avenue. A car parked in front of 43 1/2 Birch Avenue caught fire Saturday afternoon, shortly after the owner tried to start it Ptl. Renn Kaminski and firemen from two fire trucks sprayed the engine compartment of the 1971 Mercedes which is owned by a Monmouth Junction resident. Police described the damage as slight.

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