Arson Suspected in Fire In Holder Hall Basement

12 February, 1988 (~estimated)

Arson Suspected in Fire In Holder Hall Basement

Arson is suspected in a fire last week in the basement of Holder Hall on the university campus.

According to Borough police. a plastic garbage container filled with newspapers was moved from the first floor near the 9th entry of Holder Hall and taken to the basement where it was placed beneath a landing support beam and ignited. Damage was limited to some charring of the beans and to wood on the bottom of the landing.

Police were called at 3:56 las Tuesday morning, shortly after a smoke detector in Holder Hal had activated a fire alarm in Stanhope Hall, which house the University’s security offices. The fire was extinguished by University security mem hers before volunteer firemen in three trucks arrived at the scene.

Fireman then used exhaust fans to clear smoke from the building, from which students had been evacuated. Police Chief Michael Carnevale described the smoke as more disruptive than damaging.

The Princeton Fire Chief, police fire inspector and a member of the Mercer County Arson Unit are investigating the fire. Chief Carnevale reported that an accelerant had not been used and that police have no suspects. He reported the garbage container had been placed in the hallway the night before by a student for pick up.

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