Banks should provide extra help to volunteers

12 July, 1988

Banks should provide extra help to volunteers

To the editor:

In the past few months them have been quite a few articles written on behalf of the many volunteers throughout the area. It’s about time we are noticed by the public.

I would like to add to the letter (The Princeton Packet, Tuesday, July 12) written by Jane Grecsek of West Windsor, whose idea of a property tax break for those fast-aid volunteers who own a home is a wonderful idea.

What about those of us who can hardly afford to rent in the area? What kind of break do we get?

I’ve been a volunteer in the fire service in Montgomery Township for 15 years now and also a member of the Hopewell Fire Department for about two years, and I’m sure there are a lot of people just like me who would love to be able to own a home in or near the municipality that we so faithfully serve with our time and money — and in a few cases our lives.

A low-interest loan with little or no money down would be just the ticket for those of us who would like to stay in these areas that we serve. I see no reason why one of the local banks who boast about billions of dollars in assets can’t come up a reasonable mortgage plan for those of us who protect the homes and lives of people who can afford to live in and around the Princeton area. In closing I would like to thank all of the people who serve as volunteers and all of those who take the time to notice us and speak up in our behalf.

Herbert J. Ruehle


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