Department sets display, sells extinguishers Sunday

12 October, 1984 (date estimated)

Department sets display, sells extinguishers Sunday

The Princeton Fire Department will display its equipment at the Princeton Shopping Center on Sunday between 10 am and 2 pm. The display will be held in the parking lot facing Harrison Street.

Besides displaying its equipment, the members of the department will also give demonstrations on the use of fire extinguishers, and will offer safety, tips and answer questions regarding fire safety in the home or office.

The public will also be invited to try on some turnout gear and see how it feels to operate a hose line, or don an air pack. “This hands on demonstration should be fun for all a good time to see if there are any future firefighters out there,” a department spokesman said.

As a special fund rising event, members will be taking orders for fire extinguishers. For selling a certain number of fire extinguishers, the department will be rewarded with a video cassette recorder for their training. Just as everything else has gone video, so have the new training films. With the recorder training tapes could be shown to an entire company, or even be viewed by an individual member.

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